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The Outfitter for United World Wrestling (UWW) High-Performance Training Centers

Team-Sport Marchl & Neumaier GmbH has established itself as the official outfitter for United World Wrestling (UWW). UWW operates several state-of-the-art high-performance training centers worldwide, dedicated to the year-round development of international wrestling talent. These centers are designed to help athletes reach their full potential and provide them with the best conditions for success.

UWW’s Training Centers

World-Class Training Facilities

UWW’s main training centers are equipped with cutting-edge technology and top-tier equipment to offer athletes an optimal training environment. Here, they are guided by experienced coaches who work closely with Olympic Solidarity and other key partners to ensure that each athlete receives the highest level of support and training.

Year-Round Development and Support

The high-performance training centers offer specialized training programs year-round, tailored to the needs and goals of each athlete. Combining technical training, physical conditioning, and mental preparation, these centers ensure that athletes are in peak condition to compete on the international stage.

Partnerships and Support

Thanks to the support from Olympic Solidarity and other strategic partners, these centers can provide a wide range of resources and programs to help athletes continuously improve their skills and achieve their sporting goals. These training centers are places of inspiration and progress, where talent from around the world comes together to share and perfect their passion for wrestling.

The Future of Wrestling

Team-Sport Marchl & Neumaier GmbH makes a significant contribution to the future of wrestling by outfitting UWW and its athletes with the best equipment and resources. Together, they work to unlock the full potential of each athlete and shape the next generation of wrestling champions.